Pipes For Sale

Big Bent

Sometimes you just need a huge pipeful of something – this one will satisfy that. Or you can bonk a fish with it while kayaking… whatever. This is a big heavy pipe, it’s 80 grams of good solid meat. A lovely big chunk of Italian plateau that blasted into rings and rings and rings. The furnace bit is 7/8″ by 1 3/4″ deep. This is SUCH a good size for mixtures of all kinds. Slow smoking and cool, this thing will cruise on autopilot. Ebonite stem, handcut of course, and that’s all there is to see here. A serious companion on a winter’s eve.

Price: $295

Giant Pot

A giant pot – not a giant pipe but large, and a pot I think rather than a billiard in terms of proportion and shaping. Another gape-mouth, this chamber is 7/8 x 1 5/8 deep. Good for most anything. Stem is of cumblerland and a faux-bone accent completes it. This ring blast will become fairly dark with a year of use – the presentation will be much more subdued, and I think the bone accent will really look sharp between the two darker elements.

This is another lovely chunk of Italian wood. Clean smoking stuff. This is really a nice pipe.

Price: SOLD

Small Billiard

This billiard is on the smaller end of the spectrum for sure – chamber is 3/4 by 1 3/8″. A flake pipe by any other name! I came across a supply of 10 year old Italian blocks, so I bought ’em. That’s the kind of guy I am. No sacrifice too great. The stem here is lucite/acrylic, in a stony/caramel sort of color scheme if that’s a thing. 20 grams. So if you want a smoker, this is it. No gizmos, just great old wood and careful airways.

Price: $275 SOLD

Oom Paul

It’s always a fun challenge to make an Oom Paul. No room for errors on the shaping, and the drilling makes a guy cry. This one all worked – passes a cleaner, there’s none of your usual sump-pit bullshit in here. Very, very carefully arranged, and the result is that it will smoke like a straight billiard. More Italian wood – a nice crosscut that missed being a smooth by just that much. But a miss is a miss and I couldn’t save it as a smooth without making it … well, hideously ugly and stupid. So it got a hand-tooled rustication (no dremel here boyo) and a fairly Italian color scheme – ebonite stem though, so if you don’t dig Castellos because of the acrylic… here’s your big break.

Price: $275 SOLD

Hey everybody, I just want to add a note here – sorry there have been so few pipes listed.  I’m not dead, not quit, nothing like that.  I have all kinds of stuff going on that is keeping me out of the shop, like making a new bathroom for Mrs Squatch.   What happens at times like this is I get behind, and any pipe I make is claimed ahead of time, so I stay behind.  I can’t catch up on commissions and I can’t get anything to the site.   If you are interested in a pipe, please contact me and we can chat about it, but don’t despair at the lack of change here on BSTpipes – there’s lots of pipes going out the door, just, the only person that sees most of them is the buyer.   Thanks for your continued support!   I am flattered.