Pipes For Sale


Happy New Year.. it’s always 1928 in the BST shop. Ebonite and dark sandblasts is the new trend!

This bulldog is 5 1/2″ long and 1 3/4″ tall. Chamber is just 3/4″ across and 1 1/4″ deep or so – a good little flake pipe you betcha! Saddle cut ebonite stem and a lumpy dark blast from the days of yore. Drilled perfect, passes a cleaner without thought. Should be a good little smoker. This is spanish wood if you care. It’s Spanish even if you don’t care.

Price: $275  sold


Being of proper British stock I can’t use the term Oom Paul, my ancestors would roll in their graves. This is a pipe I have a lot of fun with, and have spent a bunch of time and trials on getting “just so”. The result is a pipe as bent as it can be (not quite 90 degrees but close) which still passes a cleaner, does not require a sump in the shank, and which doesn’t smoke like a bear’s ass (don’t ask). Lots of bad Oom Pauls out there – this isn’t one of ’em. A large bowl on a compact from, this is 2 1/4″ tall and about 5 3/4″ long. The chamber is 1 7/8″ by 13/16″. Be not afraid – a tall bowl like this has all kinds of magic powers, and can tame some sharp blends. I don’t know why. Blasted with rings all around, and a very old-school color scheme (that dark purple/black translucent thing). Ebonite mouthpiece. 75g (2.0 oz)

Price: $295 Sold

Bent Brandy

Started as a commission, this was supposed to be a smooth but the briar wasn’t quite there. I’m real fussy about smooth wood. So this got blasted, and the result of real good briar is a real nice blast pattern. This is rings all up and down. Kind of a big curvy sexy beast (just like me). This chamber is about 1 3/4″ deep and 13/16″ across. Good for just about anything. This pipe is 6″ long, not really a walkabout pipe but a nice warm handful for reading or knocking people on the head with. It’s not super heavy though, same as the Oom Paul 57g (2.0oz). Ebonite stem, passes a cleaner etc.

Price: $275 solded

It’s not the Size of your Pipe…

Actually sometimes it is. Here’s a big sit-down pipe, 6″ long and 2″ tall. The chamber is 7/8″ by 1 3/4″ which is large, but still real easy to smoke – maybe the easiest of any. Pipes this size are a little intimidating but once you get used to them, it’s hard to turn back. They practically smoke themselves, and usually at a luke-warm sort of temperature. This is a terrific cross-cut block out of Italy, super clean and great grain (the one head-on pic with a flash shows the grain a little better, shows the color as both brighter and redder than it actually is). 56 grams (2 oz) so it’s big but not even close to heavy.

I wouldn’t sell a pipe I didn’t think was good quality. This is GOOD quality, in a very English sort of tradition – handcut ebonite for the stem and all stiff lines, none of the neo-classical relaxations of the shape. Drilled absolutely perfect, this really should be an excellent smoker. If you like to simmer tobaccos on the milder end of the spectrum for a couple hours, or if you like fast-burning shags, again, this would really allow you to load up and zone out. If you smoke Revor, go buy one of the little pipes!

Price: $325   /   Reserved by a smart fella

Rustic Billiard

This pipe is another “tester” on a new batch of briar from a supplier I haven’t used before – I like to take a few blocks and see how they cut, how they finish, how they work. You get to find out how they smoke! This is a neo-classical billiard, the proportions are a little more generous and the stem is, frankly, a lot more comfortable with the slight waste in it than a stick-straight billiard stem. So, here’s a pipe built more for performance than for looks. Draw is wide open and polished smooth. This should just about smoke itself. 5 3/4″ long by 1 7/8″ tall, with a 13/16″ chamber, this is a great size for just about everything. 36 grams (1.2oz), a great clencher. Maybe not your prettiest pipe but it’ll wind up getting reached for a lot. Ebonite stem.

Price: $275   /  sold


Subtle curves end with an outrageous disc of birdseye here. This is a large pipe, 6 1/4″ long, mostly because of the 2″ + diameter on the bowl. I put a little lemon-zest accent on the ebonite stem, it flies under the radar except that every once in awhile it will give a little flash in the light. A good even blast on the rest of the pipe, this was a very good quality piece of Algerian briar, fun to play with. Chamber is 13/16″ across by about 1″ deep – probably flakey.

Price: $325   /   Sold.  You are too slow Grasshoppa.

A High Grade Beater

This is a small bent, would be a 2k in Castello’s hierarchy.  The pipe is 5 1/4″ long stem to stern with a smaller chamber (3/4″ by about 1 1/4″).  Great for flakes or stronger mixtures.  I call it a “Beater” because I tend to treat rusticated pipes a little less well than the smooths in my collection – they wind up getting a lot of use because they don’t show wear the same way.   Top quality briar out of Italy, and some old-stock vulcanite rod, which I find superior to some of today’s offerings.  Passes a cleaner.

Price: $275   /   sold

An Almost Proper Bulldog

A really proper bulldog has that boat-shaped v on the bottom, and that works on smaller leaner versions of the pipe. I sometimes prefer to leave the bowl just a little rounder and run the diamond shank into it, which is what I’ve done here. A little splash of birdeye on the rim, the rest of the pipe being blasted enough to show rings, but with real care in keeping the hard lines of the shape – it’s very easy to blast a bulldog into some sort of squashy mess. 5 3/8″ long, 1 5/8″ tall, the chamber is 13/16″ by about 1 1/4″ deep, which I find good for absolutely everything. Ebonite stem, this is a pretty traditional pipe in look and feel.

Price: $300   /  SOLDED to a real swell feller

Finally a smooth…

A run of slightly bad luck was snapped – I am ordinarily spoiled by my vendors and I get a lot of smooth pipes out of the wood they send me. Just lately I’ve had some bad luck with the uncontrollable stuff – little pits or weird grain structure… and I’m a little fussy about smooths. TI wanted to see some grain, damn it! And I got it. Ridiculous tight stripey grain just about everywhere and birdseye top and bottom to finish it out. A king sized piece, 2″ tall and 6″ long, the deep bend should make it real comfortable clenched or held. A friendly giant. Somewhat conical in the chamber but only very slightly. Ebonite stem.

Price: $325    Sold