Pipes For Sale

Natural Billiard

This is more of the old-stock Italian briar I snagged a few months ago.   This is just beautiful wood to work with, and I don’t think ten years in a box has hurt the smoking characteristics either.    Cumberland stem in a somewhat austere saddle, this thing’s all business.   5 3/4″ long, 1 3/4″ tall, chamber is 3/4 by about 1 1/2″ deep with a nice dish on the rim to facilitate loading.   34 grams (which is what, 1.2 oz or something, I can’t remember).   Big enough for whatever you like, small enough for flake.   The worst thing about the pipe is a slightly washy area on the front of the bowl – price paid for the excellent grain everywhere else, I suppose.  (And forgive me, I’m working the kinks out of a new camera, so pics are all over the place for quality!   But another 10 years or so, I’ll have this licked.)



Cross-cut billiard

This is a smaller pipe, probably flake-oriented or just for those looking for a shorter time frame.  A #1 grade crosscut, this is birdseye city.   26 grams, just under 5 1/2″ long, and a fairly small chamber, 3/4″ by 1 1/8″ or so.   Still lots of briar on the walls, this is not a “skinny” pipe, it’s reasonably stout, but this old wood doesn’t weigh much.   Ebonite on the business end.



Rustic Canadian

Looking at my blocks, I am starting to get a pretty big collection of big half-moon pieces.  These show up with almost every order, and at first I was kind of excited about them, but you can only make so many hunting-horns, too, and I started putting them aside.   Well, to hell with it, I’m going to make pipes with them.  The nice thing is, you can get a good long-shanked pipe out of these moons, often with nice grain.  The piece in question had absolutely nothing going on in that department, just a swirling mess of briar, so I cut a Sea Rock style rustication into it.    Very light at 26g, this is not a super long pipe, it fits well within norms at 5 1/2″ long.   Squat and a little square, kind of a low-slung approach to a Canadian shape.  Ebonite stem has a faux-horn ring on it.  Other than that, it’s black with just a peek of wood-tone underneath.    Chamber is 13/16″ by about 1 1/4″.   I did the bad thing and coated it with a neutral carbon mix – the pipe looked like second-hand garbage in photos without the bowl coat.



Hey everybody, I just want to add a note here – sorry there have been so few pipes listed.  I’m not dead, not quit, nothing like that.  I have all kinds of stuff going on that is keeping me out of the shop, like making a new bathroom for Mrs Squatch.   What happens at times like this is I get behind, and any pipe I make is claimed ahead of time, so I stay behind.  I can’t catch up on commissions and I can’t get anything to the site.   If you are interested in a pipe, please contact me and we can chat about it, but don’t despair at the lack of change here on BSTpipes – there’s lots of pipes going out the door, just, the only person that sees most of them is the buyer.   Thanks for your continued support!   I am flattered.