Pipes For Sale

A Big Fat Oaf

Staring at the blocks last week, I wanted to make a nice big bent, I haven’t had one for awhile, and I started looking at a 1/2 moon that’s been sitting there for… I dunno, for a long while.   Cleaned up the block, and maybe…. maybe.   And sure enough, it did just what I hoped – an interesting good quality grain, nice symmetry.   This is Italian wood, and for some reason, the block was hard as a rock, a really difficult carve.   Passes a cleaner easy – the mortise is short and fat, no ramping at all.  Ebonite and mystery wood (I will endeavor to identify it, padauk or something?) on the stem.    This pipe is near 6″ button to chin, and weighs 70 g.   Chamber is about 1 7/8″ tall by 13/16″, a good size for lots of things (chugging big bowls of Skiff if I get my hands on it).



Perfectly Normal Pipe

I did this pipe up as a demo for a pipe making group, talking about business models and price points and options.  The idea here was to take a pretty plain block and make a sellable pipe out of it.  Everyone is fighting over ghost-grade wonder-wood these days.  It’s nice to have, but you better have some other plan for the blocks that aren’t quite amazing.  So this is that:  a good quality but uninspiring piece of Spanish plateau, carved and beaten into shape.   I adore this wood for how it smokes, it just gets better and better.    The pipe is not quite 6″ long by 2″ tall, a big proud piece.   Ebonite stem with a touch of boxwood for charm.   Just 47 grams for all that.



A Big Fat LC

This is reserved, but I thought I’d float it here.  The LC type shape is crazy difficult to make.  The drilling is tricky, the pipe is huge, the stem has to be perfect, and you need a monster block in the first place.  Most “large” blocks won’t yield these things, or not with a good orientation.   But I got a few monster size, top grade blocks a few years back, and hey, you gotta use ’em some day.   It blasted nicer than I expected (almost… almost a smooth, maybe next time).   So here’s a blast from the past, a catalog shape but a hell of a rare one, and I can see why.



Hey everybody, I just want to add a note here – sorry there have been so few pipes listed.  I’m not dead, not quit, nothing like that.  I have all kinds of stuff going on that is keeping me out of the shop, like making a new bathroom for Mrs Squatch.   What happens at times like this is I get behind, and any pipe I make is claimed ahead of time, so I stay behind.  I can’t catch up on commissions and I can’t get anything to the site.   If you are interested in a pipe, please contact me and we can chat about it, but don’t despair at the lack of change here on BSTpipes – there’s lots of pipes going out the door, just, the only person that sees most of them is the buyer.   Thanks for your continued support!   I am flattered.